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REBOOT: Hulu's Fresh Fall Comedy is Coming to Save Half-Hour Television

In today’s age of remakes, we’ve seen a wide range of projects with varying levels of success. Some are powerful, well thought out pieces with statements on nostalgia and genre, while others are excellent reminders of why the source material died off in the first place. Behind each one, there is a story about a group of people who came together after a long hiatus to rekindle their professional relationships in the pursuit of new frontiers…and profit. Sometimes, this works beautifully (think iCarly). Other times, big egos and bad decisions get in the way (think Rosanne).

This dynamic is an interesting one, not only because it looks at how people change, but also how the rules of TV and comedy have changed. In today’s culture, much of what was perceived as funny in the past now reeks of outdated perspectives and closeted bigotry, but that doesn’t mean there wasn’t good humor to be found as well. A lot of today’s jokes are raunchy and blunt, but there is something to be said for clean sitcom style humor and its escapist qualities. Sitcoms at their core are meant to be a break from the everyday dread of reality, and while Reboot is certainly satirical and often cynical, it provides excellent laughs while also being one of the most enjoyable comedy shows in recent memory.

Reboot pulls back the lid on a revival of the fictional early 2000’s sitcom, Step Right Up, while highlighting the many personalities involved in the production. It’s partially a workplace comedy with a bit of family sitcom added in, but one thing’s for sure: Reboot’s incredible characters are one’s you’ll be thrilled to revisit week after week! From the age divided writer’s room, to the fictional cast of washed-up stars and the overbearing network executives, Reboot builds its family similarly to comedies we’ve seen in the past, but the performances really carry the show to fresh new heights.

Containing comedians from every end of the industry, Reboot has an amazing blend of comedic flavors anchored by its three lead cast members: Judy Greer, who’s film credits are deeply impressive and far too long to list here, Keegan Michael-Key of the famed Key and Peele, and Jackass’ fearless front man, Johnny Knoxville. With Greer’s impeccable timing, Key's versatility, and Knoxville’s physical presence, Reboot has built a new big three of comedy. These household names are backed up by a stellar supporting cast including Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Calum Worthy (The Act), and the legendary Paul Reiser (Mad About You, Stranger Things). The team behind the fictional Step Right Up is one you’ll fall in love with instantly, as they try to rediscover the glory of a premiere network comedy. The team behind the camera is a familiar one as well, led by Modern Family co-creator Steve Levitan, whose comedic sensibilities fit right in with the self-referential style of humor.

Reboot doesn’t exactly break a lot of new ground comedically or thematically, but it’s certainly still effective as it explores what goes into recreating escapist television and the people who make it happen. The tropes are familiar in a way that is charming and comforting without feeling overdone. If the game is recycling old material for new audiences, few are doing it like this show. As one of the fictional network executives says, “Let’s remake something original'', and that’s exactly what the magic of Reboot is: Familiar, yet fresh comedy for the modern age.

Reboot premieres with three episodes on Hulu on Tuesday September, 30th with new episodes airing weekly.


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