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Think about how much life has changed in the past year alone. Think about how much has changed since Jackass 3D released in theaters. Think about how much has changed since the Jackass crew first popped up in our lives. Now think about how even with all that change, you can walk out of Jackass Forever and realize how little has changed. The Jackass crew is back for more shenanigans, hijinks and jaw dropping stunts and it feels like they never left our lives. They’re still the same group of insane guys destroying their bodies for our sake in the name of entertainment, togetherness, and a grand old time among friends. The bond this group shares translates to audiences in a way that very few things can compare to, mainly because we’ve seen how they get every bruise and scar along the way. In between fits of laughter and my body easing up from the constant sense of paranoid uneasiness, it hit me just how much I love the Jackass crew and all they represent. It hit me just like it hit me when I saw Jackass 3D in theaters 12 years ago, with all my friends in the world at the time. For all the criticism the Jackass guys have received over the years, the feeling of sitting down with a group of friends in a theater to watch Jackass Forever felt like a true privilege. It’s an experience that brings a deep and unmovable sense of appreciation with each stunt building on top of the previous. With a slew of new faces carrying the torch, we still see the same Jackass crew we’ve come to love over 20 years now, except they’re a lot more prone to injuries. But what do you have to worry about when you’re surrounded by your best friends in the whole world? In the case of these guys, literally everything. From bringing back old bits to the must-have scenes of Lance Bangs holding back the entire contents of his stomach, everything about this feels as if nothing has changed. Well, mostly nothing. Having fun with your friends is something that will forever be timeless, and this exact moment in time feels like the most essential reunion with the Jackass crew yet.

Just a personal note: Silence of the Lambs is quite possibly my new favorite bit they've ever done. Absolutely brilliant stuff.

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