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EDGE OF TOMORROW Is A Fun Blockbuster With A Fresh Twist

Doug Liman’s Edge of Tomorrow feels like a film that knows what it is: a sci-fi/action blockbuster starring Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt. With some fun alien twists and a creative time loop to deal with, this is a film that takes a somewhat familiar premise and does something massively fun with it using a huge budget. Crucially, it’s the type of film that was clearly crafted with a sense of playfulness. It has an understanding that it can be thematically dense while also having a ton of fun as it repeats itself to the finale. With a light spin on the usual Cruise roles we see and an always excellent Blunt, Edge of Tomorrow sets itself up as a slam dunk from the get-go.

One of the screenwriters for this film is Christopher McQuarrie, Cruise’s partner in crime, who has helmed the writing and directing of the Mission Impossible franchise since 2015. Perhaps one of his greatest strengths as a writer is his ability to imbue every action scene with a sense of palpable tension. Not just from a thrills perspective, but from a character one. As Cruise frantically runs for his life or comes to terms with the perplexing dilemma he finds himself in, McQuarrie makes sure to make each repeated moment feel like it has the weight of a new experience, even if it is something he has done hundreds of times. Cruise is obviously the star, so he sells it perfectly, but the film never falls into the same category of emotion for too long before a new discovery is made. It takes pleasure in the fun of a time loop, allowing for a decent array of experimentation with humor, action and more. Liman’s film is a clear example of how to take what a lesser film would turn into a gimmick, and craft it into a fresh way to tell a story many audiences have seen or heard in the past.

With plenty of exciting action sequences to boot, it’s only fair that Edge of Tomorrow is seen in the best quality possible. Luckily, the film is now being released digitally and in a 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray combo pack for the first time. Full of exciting bonus features such as a conversation with Liman about the pressures of making a film of this size, how the crew created the rip-roaring beach sequence, as well as deleted scene and mores, this is most certainly a film that deserves a space on your shelf. You’ll be able to watch it again, and again, and again…

Edge of Tomorrow will be available in 4K Ultra HD physically and digitally on July 5th.

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